Come Feel the Wind and Experience the Fire

Come Feel the Wind and Experience the Fire

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2 And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.
3 And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them.

Acts 2 2:3 (KJV)

About Us

Church History of Fresh Wind Fresh Fire Ministries

In the year 1985, Elder Dwight Williams joined in holy matrimony with his wife Sister Dimple Williams. After sharing their wedding vows, and through careful fasting and praying they joined fellowship at the El Bethel COGIC, under the premise that the Lord had commissioned Elder Williams to assist Pastor Ingram in building the Lord a new edifice. While they were members at the El Bethel Church, Elder Williams served in the office of Assistant Administrator I, and Sister Williams served in the office of Choir President. They both worked in these ministries under Assistant Superintendent Pastor Andrew Ingram for 12 years. In this season of the El Bethel Church the building was successfully remodeled 3 times, and then after much hard work and prayer a new edifice was finally erected in the year 2000. The occupying of the new church would bring to fruition the original instructions from the Lord for Elder Williams. Now it was time for this man and woman of God to go back to the Lord in fasting and prayer for the next commission the Lord would have them serve in.

For the next two years through obedience and faithfulness the Lord anointed, equipped, and qualified Elder and Sister Williams through their SWAT Ministry (Soul Winning Across Town). Under the tutelage of Pastor Ingram they were groomed for leadership while increasing their desire to see God’s people saved. Elder Dwight Williams accepted the calling to Pastor and he and Sister Williams started their own church in January 2002. Under the blessing of Assistant Superintendent Andrew Ingram they opened the doors of the Fresh Wind Fresh Fire Church. God’s instructions to Pastor Williams was, “not to start a new thing, but to start a fresh thing”, so they opened the doors of the church in the city of Midlothian, Texas and held their first service. Using the 2nd chapter of Acts the 2nd and 3rd verses as the basis of the name of the ministry, the Lord has set his approval upon the ministry by the birthing of souls into the ministry. Our goal is to achieve the excellency of the knowledge of Christ, while our mission is to re-establish the church as the preserving factor in the community, and provide a fresh atmosphere of worship while winning souls for Christ. Pastor and Co-Pastor Williams would like to thank the membership for its undying support, our pastor for his approval and support of the ministry, and all who have contributed to the furtherance of the Lord’s church.

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Pastor's Bio

Elder Dwight Williams is the Senior Pastor visionary leader of Fresh Wind Fresh Fire Ministries along with his wife of 35 years Pastor Dimple Williams. Pastor Williams is the CEO of Breakthru Enterprises, Next Level & SWAT ministries founded primarily with the objective of of leading troubled youth to Christ and providing an avenue for young men and women to become profitable business owners in their communities. Pastor Williams and his family reside in the Desoto, Texas area. He has two children that are currently active in ministry Associate Pastor Dwight Williams Jr. & Elder Melody Williams. Pastor Williams is a product of the Dallas Independent School District. He accepted his calling to the ministry while in his senior year at Skyline High School and matriculated through Rockhurst University Seminary. Pastor Williams was ordained as an elder of the Church Of God In Christ by Jurisdictional Bishop J. Neaul Haynes.

After serving faithfully for 13 years as Assistant Pastor under his late Pastor Assistant Superintendent Andrew Ingram, he began his own ministry in Midlothian, Texas. Pastor Williams has worked in several positions in the Texas Northeast Jurisdiction as Sunday School Superintendent, Young People Willing Worker President, District Financier Department, and Secretary in the New Beginnings District Fellowship, Texas North East Ecclesiastical Third Jurisdiction. Pastor Williams serves as a covenant pastor under Elect Bishop Stephen & Pastor Margaret Davison of the Southwest Region under the covering of Living Word Outreach Fellowship where Bishop Clarence Henderson is the presiding Prelate located in Junction City, Kansas. Pastor Williams’ primary purpose in ministry is to re-establish the church as the preserving as the factor in the community. 

Pastor Dwight Williams

Co-Pastor's Bio

Pastor Dimple E. Williams, Co-Founder and Co-Pastor of Fresh Wind Fresh Fire Ministries of Dallas, Texas is the fourth daughter of five girls that were born to the late Assistant Superintendent Andrew and Gwendolyn Ingram. First Lady Williams is the wife of Pastor Dwight E. Williams Sr. of 35 years, and the mother of two wonderful children. Son, Associate Pastor Dwight Williams Jr. of McKinney, Texas, and their daughter Elder Melody Williams of Desoto, Texas. Sister Williams matriculated through the Dallas Independent School District and graduated from Booker T. Washington School of Fine Arts where she received a scholarship in music to Houston-Tillitson College of Austin, Texas. Lady Williams has devoted her life’s work to her music ministry and the ministering of God’s word fulfilling the standard that, “They that sing, must sing in the spirit and sing with an understanding”. God has gifted First Lady Williams not only with the gift of song, but she works with the music staff at Fresh Wind Fresh Fire Ministries.

She is also an Ordained Elder of Living Word Covenant Fellowship under Prelate Bishop Clarence Williams of Junction City, Kansas where she works with the SouthWest Region Music Department under Bishop Stephen and Pastor Margaret Davison. While under the covering of the Church’s Of God In Christ Lady Williams has served on the local, district and state level of two Jurisdictions (Texas NorthEast 1, and Texas NorthEast 3rd ) respectively as District Choir President and District Supervisor of Women. Pastor Dimple Williams’ testimony is that from a child her mother nurtured the gift of singing in her. God perfected the gift while ministering along with her sisters, The Ingram Singers of Dallas, Texas. First Lady Williams is not a novice when it comes to singing. Her voice has been recorded and is currently being used on a voice training mobile App by Smith Music 1,2,3 available through the Android and Apple mobile platforms. Currently she is an active cast member of the stage production play “Dying To Be Loved” by Ruderbacker Productions. 

Pastor Dimple E. Williams

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